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Powerlites Clearance items for sale

What Size Generator To Run A Welder?

Your questions answered What size generator to run my welder? I wish the answer was a simple yes, hang on it is a yes. If you read the following article you will see what you need. What size Generator Do I Need to Run My Inverter Welder/Welder? We answer all these questions and more! Here’s…Read More

By | August 13, 2021

Generator Ratings Explained.

Lets firstly understand the symbols and what they represent. KVA is Apparent Power available. kW is Actual Power available. PF is the ratio of working power, measured in kilowatts (kW), to apparent power, measured in kilovolt amperes (kVA) Electrical Efficiency. PF @ Unity is 1kVA = 1kW, this is perfection with no losses PF @…Read More

By | July 8, 2021

Home or Solar Backup Generator

HOME BACKUP GENERATOR. It’s amazing how much we rely on electricity now days just for our daily activities. Computers, Fridges, Freezers, Ovens, Air Conditioners, Entertainment devices, Mobile devices and even Critical Medical equipment. You cannot avoid the natural hazards that bring about electrical outages, but you can install a Home Backup Generator to take over…Read More

By | July 8, 2021