Work Site/Hire Spec - Australian Made

Powerlite Work Site / Hire Spec portable generators are robust, reliable and low maintenance, with sizes ranging from 2,200W – 12,000W. Being Work Site / Hire Spec compliant, they are specifically designed and built to meet the requirements of the construction site and the Hire Industry, as well as government and rural requirements for use.

For a generator to be Work Site / Hire Spec compliant, the minimum requirement is to have an earth leakage/main circuit breaker (RCD) fitted.  The ideal set up is a Work Site / Hire Spec 4 gang protection module (WS4G – RCD and 2 weatherproof socket outlets) with a wheels and handle roll frame.

The range of options include weatherproof outlets and earth leakage/mains circuit breaker (RCD), wheel and fold down handles frame, centre lift bar (removable), earth stake kit and extended operation fuel tank (18 litres or 50 litres).

Below are some portable generator options and variations for Work Site / Hire Spec portable generators, or you can build your own by selecting a standard portable generator and then adding your options. For further assistance please contact our sales department on 02 9912 5000.

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