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What Size Generator Do I Need?

Whatever size you need, Powerlite has your ideal generator

The ideal generator size is one that is correctly matched to power all the things you want to run at the same time. If it is too big, not only will it be more expensive to purchase, but it will not necessarily run as efficiently as the correctly matched size. If it is too small, some of your equipment may not give it maximum output, and consequently its lifespan may be reduced. We recommend using the calculator below to find out your ideal generator size. If you would like further information into how we calculate the right generator, please refer to the wattage worksheet below. Please note that the below wattages are simply a guide. For correct wattages, please check the specific power tool or appliance.

FIND THE RIGHT GENERATOR – add your appliance or tool to our handy calculator to work out the wattage and view recommended products

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Not sure how we work out the calculation?

Please find attached our wattage worksheet that will explain how we work out the best generator for you.

Other Options to consider …

Is Electric or Manual Recoil Start Needed?
These days recoil start generators are easy to start. It depends on your own preference.

Manual Recoil Start Generators are hand operated, whereby you start the generator with a pulling motion on a cord.

Electric Start Generators are key started with a battery attached. Electric start generators are ideal for people who just do not have the strength or power to start a recoil start generator.

Petrol or Diesel?
It really depends on where you use the generator or how often you use it. Petrol generators are primarily designed for not running for extended periods of time at maximum load. In addition, petrol generators, because of their simpler design, are less expensive than diesel engines.

Diesel generators are primary designed to operate near or at full power for extended periods of time.

Just a Word of Caution
The above explanations and calculations have been simplified and generally cover most commonly encountered domestic and light trade requirements. Because of the varying nature of many electric motor driven devices, we would recommend that you contact us if you feel that your circumstances may be different.

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