Powerlite is the Australian Distributor of Goliath Professional Worklights, made by Schneider Electric. These worklights are robust, safe, economical and remarkably versatile. The worklight for all purposes and conditions. Ordinary halogen worklights heat up while being used, creating a safety hazard, and needing a long time to cool down. Goliath Professional Worklights do not get hot, so you can pack them straight away after use… this is just one of the reasons they are the preferred lighting choice of the Emergency Services.

Should halogen lamps be accidentally knocked over or dropped, light failure will occur… this won’t happen with Goliath Worklights. Halogen lights are blinding if looked into… Goliath Worklights are not. Goliath Professional Worklights are used by the Emergency Services organisations Australia-wide, including State Emergency Services (SES), Rural Fire Services (RFS), Country Fire Authority (CFA), Fire Brigade, Police Rescue, Ambulance Service and Police Fire Emergency (PFE).

Introducing the all new Podlite™ 300. A perfect LED worklight designed and manufactured in Australia. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use and can connected to a small inverter generator.

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