15kVA Generator

I always have people asking me what is the best 15kVA generator for me?

That is not as easy an answer as you might think as 15kVA generators come in many different combinations or engine alternator and chassis. A 2 pole alternator will need 3000rpm to produce power at 50Hz, these are generally mated to petrol engines and are used as portable power or standby temporary power. If diesel is required or prime (Continuous Power) we generally use 4 pole alternators that spin at 1500rpm to produce power at 50Hz, this gives better fuel economy as well.

What questions should you ask and why.

  • What are you running?
    • Some gear out in the paddock then a petrol portable in the back of your Ute is probably the best option for you.
    • My weekend property shed There again the petrol portable is probably best suited.
    • Emergency back up for my 240V house – if an auto start controller is fitted to the portable petrol it can be used here as well as a 4 pole diesel powered machine, generally you will want silenced now. Low to medium duty machines would be suitable.
    • Emergency back up to critical infrastructure such as medical equipment – I would suggest Medium to Heavy duty machines being that the supply is critical.
    • Prime or main supply of power – I would suggest Medium to Heavy duty machines being that the supply is constant.
  • Where are you located?
    • Capital City – you have the advantage of being on the supplier’s doorstep, so the decision is not as critical.
    • Regional centre – how close are spare parts and or expert advice – it’s a bit more important to think about the engine and alternator brands
    • Remote location – How easy is it to get parts – do you need an engine technician with his laptop? You really need to think, or you can pay the price because it does add up quick if you’re not careful.
  • What sound levels can you have?
  • Is the genset critical infrastructure?
  • If you need spare parts, are they available?
  • Is the company you’re purchasing from reputable?
  • Do you need a specialist technician to work on the genset due to engine management or controller programming?

What gensets are available

  • Petrol
  • Petrol auto start
  • Chinese OEM engine alternator
    • Silenced
  • Brand engine Alternator
    • Silenced medium duty
    • Silenced Heavy duty

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