Powerlite’s guide to using our range of petrol generators.

Powerlite Petrol Generator User Guide

  1. Check engine oil
  2. Use unleaded grade petrol only
  3. The engine speed is factory set (do not adjust)
  4. Operate in accordance with instruction book
  5. Do not operate in confined space or inhale exhaust

Only use the engine oil specified. Other engine oils may affect warranty coverage, cause internal engine components to seize or shorten engine life on the generator.

You need to change the engine oil regularly. Your generator oil should be changed after 20 hours of initial operation or at the end of the first month and every 3 months or 100 hours thereafter.

Never mix different types of engine oil in a generator. This may adversely affect the lubricating properties of the engine oil and affect how the generator runs.

In an emergency you will need to have extra petrol to ensure the generator keeps running. Petrol can go off so a stabiliser is recommended to be added to the fuel to ensure it’s ready to be used. Fuel stabiliser is available from Powerlite https://powerlite.com.au/product/honda-storage-fuel-stabiliser/

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