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Load Bank – 8 kW – Single Phase

Designed to test electrical loads on generators

8kW – 240v Load Bank by Powerlite

Load Bank – 8 kW 240V

This unit was designed to provide electrical loads for testing power sources such as generators and small UPS.

It has gauges for reading outputs Voltage – Amps – Hz


6 x adjustable load settings.

Frame, Elements all made in Australia.

No workshop that repairs gensets should be without the load bank.

What Is A Resistive load bank

A resistive load bank, the most common type, provides equivalent loading for both generators and prime movers. That is, for each kilowatt (or horsepower) of load applied to the generator by the load bank, an equal amount of load is applied to the prime mover by the generator. A resistive load bank, therefore, removes energy from the complete system: load bank from generator—generator from prime mover—prime mover from fuel. Additional energy is removed because of resistive load bank operation: waste heat from coolant, exhaust and generator losses and energy consumed by accessory devices. A resistive load bank impacts upon all aspects of a generating system.

The load of a resistive load bank is created by the conversion of electrical energy to heat via high-power resistors. This heat must be dissipated from the load bank, either by forced means or convection.

In a testing system, a resistive load simulates real-life resistive loads, such as incandescent lighting and heating loads as well as the resistive or unity power factor component of magnetic (motors, transformers) loads.

The most common type uses wire resistance, usually with fan cooling, and this type is often portable and moved from generator to generator for test purposes. Sometimes a load of this type is built into a building.

  • The housing is powder coated yellow. Includes ceramic wound elements, a 1.5mtr heavy duty lead connecting lead and an overload break fitted.

Load Steps – 2 x 500 watts, 2 x 1000 watts, 1 x 3000 watts & 1 x 2000 watts

Metering – 1 x Ammeter, 1 x Volt Meter & 1 x Frequency Meter