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Load Bank Resistive 15kW – 1000kW


SEPHCO LS Series Resistive-Automatic Load Banks

15kW to 1000kW

For Permanent Installation, designed and equipped with Smartload automatic load control system with intelligent software to maintain generator/s at a constant set load, eliminating wet stacking and cylinder glazing. LS series are also available for regenerative power applications as referred to models LS-RG.

The LS series load banks are designed for permanent installation, dedicated to load stand-by or prime power generators. These load banks are freestanding, control compartment is weatherproof to IP54, the resistor cooling chamber is IP65 vertically fan cooled, incorporating SDL stainless steel immersion and vibration proof resistor elements. Incorporated within the load bank is a dedicated load monitoring/shedding controller.

Why are load banks important, click the link below and it is explained