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Self Bunded Fuel Tanks – Australian Compliant


Fuel Cube Self Bunded fuel Tank

Suitable for the storage and dispensing of Diesel, Kerosene, Lubricants, Petrol and Waste Oil.

Powerlite can supply fuel cubes to Sydney – NSW and Australia wide

The PC Cube is a market-leading 110% self bunded tank, with versatile under-hatch connections and an intelligent design certified for lifting when full (Up to PC6.6).


  • Unique tank in tank design approved to UL142 / ULCS601 / AS1940, AS1692, AS1170, AS4100, AS1554.1 / BS799 / PPG2.

  • Certified Crane Lifting Points (Up to and including PC6.6)
  • Removable manway for ease of maintenance.
  • The outer tank will hold 110% of the inner tank’s capacity.
  • UN31A/Y approved for the transport of Dangerous Goods by Road, Rail and Sea, Packaging Groups II & III. (PC0.66  – PC2.25)
  • Lockable hatch lid with access for hoses, under hatch sockets and suction spears can operate with the hatch closed.
  • Additional 50mm (2”) hose entry and exit sockets on top of tank.
  • Secure under-hatch generator hose suction and return points, to accommodate up to 3 generators.
  • 4 x way forklift pockets.
  • Incremental dipstick.
  • Stackable – 3-high empty and 2-high when full.
  • Supplied with all required statutory decals.
  • Movable when full (Up to and including PC6.6)


  • 1 x 25mm (1”) Suction Spear
  • 2 x 13mm (1/2”) Suction Spear
  • 3 x 40mm (1 1/2”) Return Point
  • 1 x Spare 80mm (3”) Socket
  • 4 x Spare 50mm (2”) Socket Top of Tank
  • 50mm (2”) Fill Point – Splash Fill Only
  • Incremented Dip Stick (Select Models)
  • Statutory Signage
  • 4 Way Forklift Pockets
  • Certified Lift Full Crane Lugs on Each Corner
  • Finish Painted PETRO White Marine Specification
  • Optional extra to pre-fit 1 x 50mm (2”) Overfill Valve


  • 660L
  • 1100L
  • 2250L
  • 4500L
  • 6600L
  • 8800L
  • 11000L


Dispensing kits – Pump kits – Over fill alarms

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