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Remotely controlled STOP/SLOW traffic control system

RoboSign, manufactured by Pike Signals, is ideal where a simple traffic control solution is required. Compact, easy to transport, operational within minutes and provides increased operator safety.

Labour Saving – Just one operator is required to manage and control the traffic flow at both ends of the work zone.

Radio Controlled – Eliminating the need for cables links. The hand held radio control unit has a single press mechanism that activates one or the other of the Stop/Slow signs (from stop to go and vice versa).

Easy Transport – Each base unit weighs approximately 30 kg and the Stop/Slow boards are detachable for easy handling and storage. The whole system is compact enough to be carried in a small commercial vehicle.

Quick Set Up – Installed and ready to operate in minutes.

Safe Operation – The rapid remote control feature allows the operator to work from a safe vantage point out of the direct line of traffic. The system also provides the capability to display a continuous Stop signal at both ends of the work zone to allow for works vehicle movements or in case of any emergencies with the work zone.

Battery Powered – Each RoboSign base unit has a in-built rechargeable battery supply and up to 100 hours continuous operation when fully charged. The remote control unit’s battery pack provides up to 100 hours continuous operation.


Download the Robo Sign Brochure
  • Radio Link
  • Safe set up oncoming traffic
  • Portable
  • Easy set up
  • Battery powered
  • Independent power of up to 100 hour
  • Sign – 900mm diameter
  • Weight – 30 kg