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Load Bank – Radiator – Duct Mounted

SEPHCO RCI Series Radiator Mounted Load Banks

25kW to 1000kW

For Permanent Installation, designed to fit directly into generator enclosures, radiator mounted or into attenuated ducts. RCI load banks are an option to freestanding fan-cooled models, where noise levels and space are restricted. RCI load banks are used to Periodically Test & Exercise Stand-By generators or to automatically maintain loads. The RCI range of load banks are available with control options:- local control, remotely mounted control or automatic monitoring and loading.

RCI Radiator and Duct mounted type load banks are innovative low cost systems, ideal for portable generators or where space is restricted for conventional stand-alone load banks. The universal “INSERT” design of RCI series load banks does away with customisation and the need to install the load bank during the erection of ductwork or genset packaging. By simply inserting into the radiator exhaust duct or inserting into a radiator flanged adaptor, the “INSERT” load bank can be retro fitted at any time in new or existing installations.

The units incorporate a series of load stages, made up of immersion proof and vibration proof stainless steel resistor elements, supported by a galvanised steel frame. Units are made up complete with an adaptor mounting flange which, only require bolting in position.

Available in a range of sizes from 25kW to 1000kW, the units are fully wired and fitted with load stage contactors and associated circuit breaker for each load step.Safety features include high temperature trip thermostats. Choice of controls include locally mounted switch or digital display MC12PMB controller, locally fitted or remote or fully automatic load shedding type LSM800D, where the generator is severely under-loaded.