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Load Banks 5kW to 15kW

Portable Diesel Generator Resistive

Quick and easy testing of small generators and 3 Phase AC power sources is possible with the Powerlite Mini loadbank.

Portable, fully self-contained, lightweight and hand transportable, the Mini loadbank can be used to test and maintain small engine generators (residential standby, contractor generators, marine generators, RV generators and small wind turbines) as well as 415VAC panel boards and distribution, inverters, and small UPS.

Powerlite Mini’s are available in three versions: Mini (5kw), Mini (9kw), and Mini (15kw).

Load banks are essential for maintenance to ensure your generator performs to required engine kW. Normally a generator runs at a level less than its rated output; therefore a load bank test provides an artificial load to ensure the generator is running at the correct load if needed.

Load banks have a wide variety of applications, such as: Generator servicing, Generating Set exercising and/or testing, Keeping Generating Set above minimum loading (load shedding), Battery discharge and UPS Systems exercising, and/or testing, to reduce ‘Wet Stacking’ problems, and Ground power testing.

Multiple load steps and cooling fan with each Mini


Don’t let your generator suffer from upper cylinder glazing.