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Podlite for lighting towers – 360º LED Pod Lighting System

Non-glare, 360 degree LED Light

Introducing the revolutionary Podlite™ LED designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions.

This pod lighting system gives a non-blinding 360º light solution for a range of applications, it is packed with advance features giving an edge over all competitors.

The light head can be paired with most vertical mast lighting towers or can be retro fitted to an existing lighting tower.

The Podlite™ LED uses 3 x 640w pods which will operate anywhere between 16-60 VDC producing an impressive 130 lumens per watt, fuel consumption is dramatically reduced with the Podlite’s 1.8 Kilowatt operation.

The light includes the added feature of down beam allowing the area immediately below to be to be fully illuminated eliminating dark areas and shadows.

With an IP66 rating the Podlite™ LED can withstand the harshest of environments and will not suffer from dust ingress ensuring it will maintain maximum light efficiency.


Also available as individual pods for other applications.


Download the Powerlite Podlite LED Brochure
  • 3 640w, 20v-60v/DC lamps, producing a total LED output 225,000 lumens, with high density polyethylene lenses