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Load Bank 50kW

50kW Load Bank




A load bank is an essential piece of machinery if you need to simulate an electrical load. A dummy load bank is a piece of test equipment that tests a power source. They can be connected to power sources, like generators, at the output in order to test and calibrate the voltage. It then takes in the current from the generator and attributes it seemingly the same way the average load would, to gauge a proper approximation of efficiency. When power should be consumed, a load bank will take it over, usually in the form of heat. A load bank will show you if your generator is up to the task of powering the load that you need it to.


If you find your power varies and your generator is mostly lightly loaded UNDER 30%, a load bank can be useful. A load bank will place on the extra power and shed it when it is needed, The aim is to keep the genset loaded at 50% to avoid glazing. The machine is well equipped to do this with air- or water-cooling systems in place. Usually, a load bank will come equipped with overload protection so that you don’t need to worry about taking in too much power at one time.


Powerlite supplies resistive load banks which is the most popular type. A resistive load bank can provide equivalent loading for diesel generators when testing load capacity. An inductive load bank is used for inductive or lagging loads. Capacitive load banks simulate non-linear loads that are common in specific industries. It’s essential to understand your use and needs before you embark on the journey of selecting a load bank for your project.

Model:   PRL50F

Test Voltage: 415V 3P

Rated Power: 50kW