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Lighting Tower – Ritelite K45 – 360 Degrees

K45 Brochure

The K45 3600 LED mobile lighting tower features a triple light head design to provide the maximum amount of light and the minimum energy consumption with the flexibility to cover almost any lighting application.

Whatever illumination your task requires:
• 360° area flood lighting
• Directional area flood lighting
• Long distance spot lighting
• Or a combination of all three!

The efficient LED light heads deliver an impressive 85,000 lumens at only 650W power consumption per unit and have the option for several K45 units to be connected together and be powered from a single power source.

The K45 is quick to set up with rapid, one person push button deployment to both raise and lower the mast.

Once deployed the tower can reach a height of 4.5 metres with a wind rating of 72km.

A stability sensor system automatically lowers the mast in critical conditions

With compact stowed dimensions and low weight, multiple K45 units can be transported in a ute or van.

LUMENS 85,000 lumens (approx)
WIND RATING 20 m/s- 72km
SIZE STOWED 1.5m x 0.4m x 0.4m (approx)
WEIGHT 75Kg (approx)