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Diesel Generator Repairs & Service 10-1500kVA

Industrial Generator Service

Over time deterioration of lubricants and fuel, blockage of fuel filters resulting from build-up of water/algae in fuel tanks, dust accumulation in air filters, rubber components and hoses may even become brittle, drive belts perish, batteries fail, carburetors and fuel tanks accumulate sediment etc. any or all may occur and actually inhibit easy starting, These are items that can easily be identified and corrected during a maintenance call.
We can provide control system, electrical and mechanical upgrades to keep your generator system performing to maximum efficiency and lowest cost.

Customised service agreements can also provide additional options such as Load Bank Testing, Battery Condition Tests, Fuel Condition Tests, Oil Condition Tests, Coolant Condition Tests, Switchboard and Automatic Transfer Switch Maintenance.

An on-site re-fueling service is also available.