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Anti-theft identification technology

$20 incl. GST (inc GST)

DataDotDNA® is a revolutionary anti-theft identification technology that is supported and endorsed by world leading prestige car manufacturers, major insurers, Australian Police and the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC).

We are able to apply DataDotDNA® to your Generator, Lighting Tower, Worklight or Associated Products before they leave our warehouse. We will also register your product (once DataDotDNA® has been applied) on the secure DataDot national register.

  • DataDot technology comprises polyester substrate microdots (as small as a grain of sand), each uniquely laser encrypted with their own DNA code.
  • DataDotDNA® is suspended in a robust, transparent, water-based adhesive blended with UV trace to identify assets when scanned with UV light.
  • DataDotDNA® can be customised to accommodate the owner’s identification, is weather resistant and cannot be altered.
  • DataDotDNA® provides high-tech security for your property and contents by permanently identifying your assets.

Some insurance companies are now reducing premiums for DataDotDNA® identified equipment.

  • DataDotDNA Kit
  • 1 x DataDotDNA Tool Application Kit

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