Powerlite Generators is the Australian Distributor for Pike Signals, the manufacturer of RoboSign. When a simple and practical traffic solution is required, RoboSign remotely controlled STOP/SLOW control systems are the answer.

This compact, easy-to-transport remote controlled STOP/SLOW traffic control system can allow a single operator to control the flow of traffic at both ends of a work area from a safe vantage point. The remote control eliminates the need for cable links and truly allows the operator to position themselves in the most logical location for that work site.

Due to remote operation, signage area has increased from 60cm to 90cm diameter for added visibility, and with an operational height of 160cm.

The versatility of the RoboSign also means that its use is not limited to public roads. It is an asset to anywhere that needs to control the flow of traffic, be they private cars, forklifts operating at a busy dock or somewhere in between. Single operation units are also available for single lane temporary closure, construction/work site or quarry entry/exit.

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