So you’re an Off-Gridder and need regular power?

Solar – wind – inverters – batteries and generators a combination of these is what you will end up with. Try and design your usage around minimal power usage. This will help with overall costs in both set up and running. With the proliferation of LED lighting and camping fridges (inverter technology), we are spoilt, but we can still overdo it. I actually have used lead acid deep cycle batteries and find these suitable for my set up. From fully charged to 50% (when I need the genset to charge) is 48hrs of normal usage if there is minimal sun. It’s not that bad as normally there is enough charge during the average day. Everyone’s system will be different, and through experimentation, we have developed the perfect solar backup generator for off-grid.

our top seller PH080E Solar

At Powerlite Australia, you can be assured of the right advice, the best quality, and 100% back up. We have both petrol and diesel generators to suit small to large off grid systems. From simple battery charging to full supply of a 3phase shed and residence. Our range have been developed to be used in Australia not some over seas Northern Hemisphere country. Do not settle for second best!

Powerlite has a manufacturing plant in Sydney NSW with a dealer network that spreads to all states and territories. All of the generators designed for the Off Gridder are all set up for remote start and stop if needed, We have both Petrol and diesel.

The Honda powered 8kVA or 15kVA systems are our own design and manufacture, running on petrol and being Honda Powered gives reliability when you need it, Our diesel sets start with a 7kVA open style set and then 10kVA-15kVA-20kVA and 30kVA silenced fully integrated with a choice of engines – Perkins – Kubota – Lister Petter – Hatz and Yanmar

Every week we are manufacturing new sets for someone in Australia, let us partner with you – give us a call

Top of the line 15kVA will last you for decades

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