For many years, manufacturers of lighting towers have used metal halide lamps on their products as this was the only technology available that produced the required light output with optimal size.

Metal halide lamps used in lighting towers require a warm up time before full illumination then cool down before switching back on.

Due to the design of metal halide lamps there are breakage issues especially if the fixing system is not designed correctly or the lighting tower is towed over very rough terrain.

Metal halide lamps are also very bright and can cause blinding if a person happens to look directly at the lamp which can be a real issue especially for motorists when the lighting tower is used for road works.

To overcome the issues with metal halide lamps and due to the development of LED (light emitting diode) technology a number of lighting tower manufactures now have as an option, LED lamps.

LED lamps use less power to produce the same amount of light meaning manufacturers are able to use smaller output generators in their product which results in a fuel saving and environmental advantages for the owner / operator.

Having a very long working life LED technology reduces downtime and repair costs sometimes associated with metal halide lamps.

LED lamps by their design are made up normally of numbers of smaller LED lamps connected together to produce the required total light output and because of this the LED lamps produce large amounts of heat which needs to be dissipated by heat sinks. Heat sinks can be very large depending on the rated lamp output, this can sometimes mean that total available light needs to be reduced.

Due to the angle of operation using magnifying lenses LED’s can become more blinding than metal halide lamps creating concern when used for road works.

The future of lamps for lighting towers is the non-blinding style of lamp … Podlite LED.

The Powerlite designed “Podlite” is a non-blinding lamp that uses a number of LED strips enclosed in a diffused lens which reduces the blinding light lowering the risk to motorists while still giving the required amount of light on the ground for the operators.

Use of LED technology means that there is no warm up time or cool down period after the lamps are switched on.

While, some manufacturers have developed a non-blinding style of lamp all require fan cooling whereas the Powerlite designed “Podlite” does not require any additional cooling.

All the heat produced by the LED strips is transferred to the aluminium centre core heat sinks that, by design, form a convection air movement through the heat sinks that do not require any additional cooling.

The Powerlite designed “Podlite” with no cooling fan has enabled Powerlite to produce a lamp with a weatherproof rating of IP66 which means that both dust and moisture are eliminated making the Powerlite designed “Podlite” the safest light on the market for lighting tower use.

Producing an impressive 280,000 raw lumens, the Podlite Tri assembly can be retrofitted to almost any existing lighting tower.

When considering to purchase your next lighting tower make sure you compare metal halide, LED and Podlite LED, as you might outlay a little more when purchasing but you will save on the total running cost of the lighting tower in the long run with LED technology! For more information please don’t hesitate to contact Powerlite to discuss your lighting needs – phone 02 9912 5000 or visit our website

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