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Honda Generators in Australia

Powerlite have been manufacturing Portable Honda Generators in Australia for over 50 years. The Powerlite Portable Generator powered by Honda is the perfect combination paired with a low harmonic distortion alternator, mounted in a powder coated heavy duty frame, which provides an attractive low maintenance solution to your power needs.

Honda’s GX series engines are legendary for superior reliability and performance. Lower noise levels, lower vibration, and lower emissions – without sacrificing power output or performance.

The Honda name is known to almost everyone, their technology being developed through international motor bike and car competition. As World leaders in mass produced performance engines, their technology centres around extracting the most power out of a given amount of fuel, in the most compact and lightweight package.

There is hardly an engine powered portable product that is not offered with a choice of a Honda engine due to its totally Worldwide acceptance, spare parts and service availability.

Beware … over the last few years, there have been either counterfeit or not designed for Australian consumers or Australian conditions Honda engines in the Australian market. They appear to be Honda powered products with defaced serial numbers. Powerlite Portable Generators use genuine Honda Engines for their Honda Portable Generators.