When considering to buy a generator make sure it is manufactured to Australian standards (AS2790) which are rated to provide ‘true’ full power performance on their actual capabilities. All Powerlite Generators are manufactured to Australian Standards (AS2790).

A generator is made up of an engine and alternator combination. The generating set rating is supposedly what the generating set (engine and alternator) is capable of giving on a continuous basis. Some generating set manufactures publish their ratings based on their alternators maximum rating, disregarding alternator and engine efficiency loss, and on paper they look powerful, but in the field they run a distant second to ‘Real Power Rated’ Powerlite Sets.

When looking at our portable generator range you will notice we have an industry rating and real power … ‘Industry Rating’ is what other manufactures publish (0.8 power factor) ‘Real Power’ is the true power given on a continuous basis as per the Australian Standard AS2790.

Honda Generator Model - Watts vs kVA industry rating

To comply with Australian Standards AS2790 the output of power of Watts (W) or Kilo Watts (kW) is used. Some manufactures use the term kVA (kilo Volt Amps) or as we call it Industry Rating but this generally uses a power factor of 0.8 and therefore isn’t a true reflection of the actual power the generator can produce.

Compliance Plate for Portbale Generator

So don’t forget to make sure your generator complies with Australian Standards AS2790 when considering to buy your next generator and remember Watts is the true power output not kVA, due to the 0.8 power factor applied.

So lets recap

  • Ensure the generator you are buying actually meets the generator rating, some will bend the rules just to make a sale.
  • Is it manufactured in Australia to Australian standards?
  • Does it have a real warranty and can the dealer back it up?

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