10 kVA Generators

The One Size Generator That can be used in so many applications.

In the world of power generation, versatility is the name of the game. Whether you’re a contractor working at a remote construction site, an event planner ensuring a seamless outdoor gathering, or simply seeking a reliable backup power source for your home or business, finding the perfect generator that can effortlessly adapt to various applications is a dream come true.

Enter the 10 kVA generator, the unsung hero of the power generation world. This compact yet potent powerhouse has quietly been making waves in an array of industries, proving time and time again that one size truly can fit many. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the remarkable world of 10 kVA generators and discover how they have become the go-to choice for countless applications. Join us as we unveil the versatility, efficiency, and innovation behind these remarkable generators, and learn why they’re transforming the way we access and utilize power.

Over 550 people per month are looking online for 10 kVA generators in Australia, you have to wonder why. A 10 kVA generator will power almost anything on your building site, or at your home/office/shop. You can get 10 kVA generators in 3000RPM diesel and Petrol or 1500RPM diesel. They can be plain open frame air cooled to Film silenced water cooled.

A 10 kVA Generator can cost you from as little as $2000 up to $20000, so its important that you know what you actually are armed with the right information before you decide.

You can buy them with Chinese engines, generally marked as OEM, These are cheap! But ask yourself if you can actually even get the filters to service the unit from anywhere or if at all. Where can you buy spare parts from now and even think about 5-10 years in the future.

I would recommend a Japanese engine for sure, they do make the best small diesels in the world.

With lots and lots of generators being offered in the Australian market, where should you start your research for the right product?

10kVA Diesel Generators

There are important questions you need to know to make a good buying decision.

  • Is the engine a genuine manufactured engine like Kubota or Perkins?
  • Will the product be covered by a real warranty policy?
  • Should it be Air cooled, or water cooled?
  • Do you need 3000 rpm or 1500 rpm, and what is the difference?
  • Do you need Standby or prime rated, what does this mean?
  • Do you needed 3phase or single phase power?
  • How crucial is the power when its needed?

These questions and of course the price will form a big part of your decision-making process.

I know you get what you pay for. My Guarantee to you is the right advice!

However, I also understand that there is a market for the cheaper Chinese power products. These products have flooded our market over the last few years. Some are built with a reasonably good quality standard and others are a potential hazard waiting to happen. As an Australian consumer you need to know which ones to steer toward. You need to ensure the generator complies to Australian Safety Standards whilst keeping the price ticket affordable. Spare parts and service can be a problem but we at Powerlite can assist you.



Thousands of 10kVA Generators are sold each year in Australia.

10 kVA diesel generators in both single & three phase configuration are sold in every state and territory, they have many different configurations, engines, controllers, alternators but one thing is common. The user expects them to work when needed.


Telecommunication infrastructure

Constructions site sheds

Mining camps

Expensive Aquaculture installations

Residential off grid solar back up and home back up power.

Our absolute best 10kVA diesel generator stand out is the Kubota Powered GMS10KS-AU (3 Phase) or the PK10KS-AU (Single phase)

It really is a “one size fits all” product and perfect for both prime & standby power applications.

Utilising the bullet proof Japanese Kubota D1105-BG engine, Stamford PI044H Alternator and Made in GB DeepSea PLC Controller. The generator also features class leading noise level – 55dB(A) @ 7 meters, 100 liter bunded fuel tank and 2-wire remote start for easy integration to a transfer switch or off grid solar system inverter. One of the most important things is that it is designed for Australia not the Northern Hemisphere, why does this matter? Well, it’s the conditions, we live in the driest hottest country in the world, as such we have a 50oC ambient temperature design as a standard feature.

We at Powerlite have also sourced some good Chinese water-cooled machines for the budget conscious, based around our requirements for the 10 kVA Generators compliance to Australian conditions, Spare parts and back up. You can be assured as Powerlite have been around since 1964.

Powerlite also build diesel- & petrol-powered machines here in our Sydney warehouse, so what ever your budget or need give us a call 1300 436 738.

A word from Dougie.

My name is Doug Levings, I am the sales/Engineering manager at Powerlite Australia. I have been in or associated with the generator game for over 40 years. I have supplied, installed, serviced and hired generators to residential and commercial clients for a very wide range of uses for many years.

I was reading one of my competitors blogs about 10 kVA generators and the article really was good and well written, I decided to probably copy it some what but added what I believe we all need to ask questions of.  Even If I don’t get the sale, I can be happy that at least you have the right information for the very important decision of purchase.

Give us a call on 1300 436 738 or drop us an email sales@powerlite.com.au and let one of us run through your Generator needs and analyse your intended use, to help you make the right choice up front!

A big Thank you to Aaron for the inspiration

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