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GL9000 – Kubota

9 kVA Diesel Generator

The Kubota GL9000, 8.8kVA Diesel Generator has a compact design and low noise which makes it suitable for a large range of applications while the large fuel tank and exceptional fuel economy extends operating periods between refueling.

Compact Design: The unique arrangement of the radiator, engine and the fuel tank allows the unit to be compact compared to other generators in this range.

Reliable & Durable: Kubota’s attention to detail results in greater reliability and durability.

Quieter Operation: the larger muffler makes the GL9000 the quietest in the range.

Longer Operation: Combination of a larger fuel tank and the engine’s superb fuel economy ensures longer hours of continuous operation.

The Kubota Low Boy range is also available in 6kVA GL6000 


Download the Kubota Diesel Brochure for full Details on the Range
  • Rated Output: 8 kVA / 8 kW
  • Max Output: 8.8 kVA / 8.8 kW
  • Engine: Kubota D722-EB, 3 cylinder water cooled
  • Alternator: Revolving field
  • Phase: Single
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Tank Litres: 37
  • Fuel litres per hour (100% load): 11.5
  • Weight (dry): 255 kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH mm): 995x593x860